Conversations with my pets #5 – An actual conversation with Jack on video

Something a little bit different. I have been training my ex racing Greyhound Jack to stop what ever he is doing and run to my room and get onto my bed and lie down when I shout  ‘Jack, Bed’.

The reason I am doing this is because I am still trying to acquaint my cat and him and trying to get them both to understand that they are now sharing a living space.

Now, my cat will always be the boss and without wanting to disrespect her, the problem at the moment is largely with her in that she is a rescue also. Whist she is very loving she is not a lap cat so introductions are very hard as she will not be held and she escapes and scarpers.  Of course his instinct is to chase any scarpery fluffy running away thing.

So, the ‘Jack, Bed!’ Stops him from chasing her and bit by bit as she realises she is not going to have a hulk of a hound on her tail she will hopefully stop scarpering so I can do the introductions properly and give the lady her throne back.

So, the training of the ‘Jack, Bed’ has been successful  A bit too successful in that now he appears to have gone completely deaf in the actually getting back off the bed bit. (he sneaks on it all the time anyways).

This dog has so many funny quirks. Greyhound ears are brilliant in that they go in any direction. When Jack knows you want him not to do something his ignoring tactic is ears back and try to just not look at you at all. If he does look at you it is in the ‘just love me, leave me alone’ type way, eyes glazed over and I ‘cannot hear you’.  Add to that I will also hide and pretend none of this is happening.

However his back leg appears to have a life of it’s own… it will find those ears, he always does this. When he excited the leg comes up to scratch his ears, when he is being asked to something he does not want to do, same thing. That leg is his subconsciousness and it gives him away each and every time.

So, this conversation with my pets is a typical me finding Jack firmly placed on my bed. Excuse my deep northern accent and the many, many, different tones of voice I use in trying to get his attention. This dog is the master of ignoring.

I won’t lie, I left him there, he was too cute. The ‘Jack, Down’ training will commence tomorrow I think.


11 thoughts on “Conversations with my pets #5 – An actual conversation with Jack on video

  1. Ah! Such a sweet dog – he loves your bed, especially the pillow! 😆 I remember our family dog doing the same thing, she loved our beds. I think dogs don’t know they are dogs in a human home, they must wonder why their bed isn’t the same! 😀

  2. A fun video, Jack is a real character 😉 Reminds me a bit of the lurcher Ollie in the book I mentioned in an earlier comment. The author didn’t mention this particular behaviour, but the not doing something he was instructed to do and selective deafness to commands that aren’t welcome are all familiar. Jack does seem quite chilled out about life, where the lurcher in the book was more anxious or stressed until he settled in, which took a couple of years!

    By the way, was the video meant to be displayed in the page? If so it may have gone wrong like two I posted the other day, I had to redo them. If the web url for the video is re-entered, just as text, on a separate line from anything else, it might work when it is updated. If not the link works fine. 🙂

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