Is my reader broken?

Now, I only ask this as I follow blogs because I enjoy looking at them and reading them and I really do try to read all the blogs I follow, all of them. I may not be able to do it on a daily basis but I rely on my reader to show me all the posts from the blogs I follow.

However, over the past few weeks I have noticed that blogs I am following at not all showing up in my reader.

Is this a known problem or am I doing something wrong? Also an explanation to anyone I am following if I am not liking your posts it is because I probably have not seen it.

It is kind of bugging me now and I just wanted to know if anyone else was having this problem and if so is there a way to resolve it?

Thanking you. No photo or poem… crisis mode.


19 thoughts on “Is my reader broken?

  1. My reader does the same. I can’t see this posting in it. I’m just guessing that it’s here and hoping that, somehow, this comment manages to find its way to the correct destination.

  2. I have been having some similar problems . In my case I got to where I couldn’t even see any blogs to follow. I look in the help section and it was of no help whatsoever , finally I changed the browser and it seems to be fine for now. Not sure what the real root of the problem is. Also not all the blogs I am following are showing up. There are many I have not seen in a while

  3. Incidentally, I don’t think my posts are showing up in other people’s readers either. I now have fourteen thousand followers and only one visitor per week. And that’s usually me clicking on my own link by mistake.

  4. I am facing that issue too but I notice that it happens with WordPress app on iPhone and iPad especially iPhone. However, I don’t think I found the same problem if I read updated feed via computer. Maybe it occurs with feed on comp too but I might not feel it. Would you mind telling me what device you find this issue?

    • All of them to be honest, although I think my ipad shows me the most which is why I realised I was missing things on my laptop.

      • Come to think of it, I recalled that I encountered this issue on my labtop before but it seems to be resolvef after I did clear history and cache on my Google Chrome browser, have you tried this method yet?

  5. I am having similar problems. I was using Safari as my browser but I switched over to FireFox. WordPress speeded up somewhat, but now it is having the same issues as Safari. Some days are better than others, today is a bad day for WP.

  6. Yes, your reader is broken – it happens to me all the time! 🙂 And everyone else too! I often go through my list of people I’m following, in order not to miss posts, but it can be a bit lengthy doing it that way. It’s probably to do with certain servers not connecting, that would be enough to make that system fail! 😀

  7. Yes me too – your posts and many others appear, but some people I follow post stuff that never appears in the reader, so I can miss posts until I remember to go their blog and check. Frustrating, but appears to be the new normal. Some people have mentioned total failure of their reader to display anything, so at least I have more than that.

  8. Had some problems yesterday from the iPad. So I went to the web based version of the reader to catch up (on directly, once logged). And currently catching up… I hope I didn’t miss anything :/

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