Dancing to your song.

Dancing to your song

Did our paths meet in a past life,
two creative souls unheard?
Did you make the music with your mind,
to paint them on my words?

Is that is why we were meant to meet,
all those years ago?
Why even though we don’t want to be,
we can never quite let go?

Can you hear me when I write
gentle whispers of a song?
Carried on a summers breeze,
until you know there’s something wrong?

Then you are here unwrapping me,
and you tie me to the bed.
Hold me down and whisper,
until you are back inside my head.

I cannot resist this pull,
even though I know it’s wrong.
You play the music in my mind,
and I am dancing to your song.

That rush of passion will not abate,
as the years roll quickly by.
Then we step back to our own lives,
but we never say goodbye.


11 thoughts on “Dancing to your song.

    • Thank you very much. I have posted this photograph before in my blog a long time ago but given the subject it seemed the right choice.Thank you for your kind words. 🙂

      • Of course. This is one of my bronze statues, (I use these a lot when I am trying out new things) it was a long exposure I think about 30 seconds and I painted it with light using a small torch. I then did some touching up in photoshop. I love playing with long exposures,another area I have neglected recently. 🙂

      • Oh Also I have a small plug in on PS called Fractilus (I think that is what it is called) and I ran it through that very lightly to get the spikey effects on the light painting.:-)

    • Thank you, this was in my experimenting with long exposure and painting with light phase, something I may have to revisit soon because it is always good fun 🙂

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