Don’t talk about it.

Submit-1Don’t talk about it.
That won’t make it happen.
Words are useless
unless shouted in passion.
Don’t talk about it,
just follow my lead,
do not give in
when I beg and I plead.
And when I cry in pain,
from the pleasure you brought.
Do whatever you need.
Just don’t talk.


14 thoughts on “Don’t talk about it.

  1. Or, to paraphrase Elvis: “A little less conversation, a little more action if you please. Now hand me another burger and this time don’t forget the cheese.”

    • Thank you, It is a little different from my recent stuff but my older posts were a little more raw so going back to my roots a little bit. I was actually a little nervous of posting it as I thought it may offend some but I do have other sides and this was more about the words xx

    • It doesn’t do us photographers well to get stuck in a rut and when I started out it was always about emotion and I kind of want to revisit that a bit x Thanks for understanding xx

      • LOL I know what you mean though. I am never entirely comfy but I do feel like I am in Spring mode just now and ‘conforming’ a little bit, I do not want to lose that other side just for ‘likes’. Rather have non and be true to my heart, I do love flowers and spring and all that, but I never want to lose sight of the passion that drives me.. God I sound mad now lol x

  2. I am simply obsessed of your poems! Gives me similar moods when I’m listening Radiohead…It is giving power to me.

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