Weekly Photo Challenge – Escape



This has been quite an emotional weekly challenge for me in a really lovely way.

As I have been a bit poorly (woman with man flu this week) I have been under strict instructions to rest which I rarely do. As I have started to feel a bit better it have given me a chance to go through some old blog posts and chose the images that for very personal reasons to me say ‘escape’.  The people who know me personally will know exactly why these mean what they do to me.

So many of these photographs go back to my very early days when I had finally escaped situations that I needed to remove myself from. Moving, going forwards and most importantly picking up my camera again for the first time in many, many years and having to learn to use it all over again. Learning to just be me again. Doing the things I love. An escape from the withheld to the creative.

You can only be glad that I am getting better as if I was laid up any longer I would have been going through the thousands of images I have on my external hard drive and this would have been a way longer blog post.

(I apologise for the ridiculous huge water marks in some of them.  When you first start out sharing your work people scare you into doing that….If anyone wants to nick my images then firstly god love em, secondly, go get a camera of your own I promise you will get hooked and probably find your hidden creative side)

So, yes. Escape to happiness. A wonderful journey for me indeed.


Mist20120603-111629.jpgFrankie Kite Surfer Stormy Sea DSC_0064-72My Sea.Busy Scene Cartoon Edit. ThoughtsA stroll down the beach Franks Rose on the beachDSC09536EDIT Birds electric waveCones  The big wheel Clouds over the sea



31 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Escape

    • So many people said I needed to do that and got me all panicky about it.. End of the day they are mine, I took them and I will take more. I hope will always come back to me at some point. I don’t really own them if I chose to share them do I?

  1. This is a stunning collection, Jo! It’s impossible to pick favourites here – from the bright flower macro that reminds me of a watercolour to the haunting b&w path and trees – they are all amazing.

  2. Great Collection, I am hung on the watermark thing. Sometimes I use them kind of like an advert, but on the lower right hand that way it makes it easier to crop off if anyone nicks it 😀 or I just make the image much smaller. I am pretty sure you still own all copyrights regardless of sharing unless you sell the rights to another I think.

    • Thank you 🙂 I sometimes add my initials in the lower left for the same reason. Emphoka have used a few of my images on their website, I was actually incredibly flattered and they did link back to my Flickr account. Sharing is nice. 🙂

  3. Beautiful pictures Jo – they are so inspirational too! I love the one of the Ferris Wheel, that’s just stunning! ♥

    The on thing I really love about your photography, is I never know what you’re going to come up with next, you steer clear of the repetitive, which is always so refreshing. Some photographers get very stuck in their favourite little rut, and I find it makes me want to unfollow!! And I do sometimes, because I find too much repetitiveness mind numbing, weighs my spirits down. Your blog is always so lovely to view, so even if I don’t leave a comment, remember that I’m always enjoying! Hope you are feeling much brighter soon! 😀

    • Aww thank you Suzi. That’s my personality though, easily bored lol I really like to try new things all the time. There is so much to do within photography it would be a waste of a decent camera to just take the same shots all the time. I’ll leave that to the pro’s 😉

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