Wrath of Heat.

Twilight Dancers

This poem is a collaboration with http://isimonfiction.wordpress.com/

Never so misunderstood
lost in their worlds,
it never should
have taken place,
that way. That night.
But tortured souls
gave up the fight.

Balancing lust and self imposed
lost in the moment
when sense departs
in haste.
That night.
But actions wrong
still feel so right.

Those kisses though
dance darkly still,
across my mind.
They always will.
Created music.
Poems penned.
We kissed as if
the world might end.

Remembered scent
of flushing skin
Like honeyed sin.
Stories told.
Pictures shared.
We danced as though
forever paired.

We fought within the
tangled sheet,
Our souls to join hell’s
wrath of heat.
Goodbyes were said
amongst defeat.
Yet our bodies never
missed a beat.

**Footnote from me**

I have been laid up all this week with the proper flu. (What do you mean it is just a cold!!?) so I have not taken any new photographs and am suffering huge withdrawal symptoms. So I decided to re-visit some of my earlier images to post them again with new content. http://isimonfiction.wordpress.com/ has just taken my ‘collaboration virginity’ with regards to the poem. It isn’t something I have done before but I actually quite enjoyed writing with somebody else. He is much better with all that wordy stuff than I am though. I really probably should just stick to the view finder.


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