In the background #2 – Hills below the kite.


I am a kite and you have the string.
Pulling me all sorts of ways on the wind.
I’m fighting to fly in the way that I should.
You pull me back in with an almighty tug.
So I have to give in and I rest on the breeze.
Then you unravel more string in your eternal tease.
North winds whip up fast though, in this neck of the woods,
and kites come down fast, with almighty thuds.

13 thoughts on “In the background #2 – Hills below the kite.

  1. I used to fly my kite, probably in exactly the same spot, years ago. It was a stunt kite, so I’d swoop it down at people on the prom and scream “Look out!” as though I’d lost control of it, which I hadn’t. Well, not until it actually hit somebody on the head once. After that it was quite difficult flying it in several pieces.

    • Ha, head stunt kite injury really hurts lolol ! This particular spot seems very popular with kites, wind surfers and anyone wanting a bit of beach and wind all in one measure. I think it is because that little bit of shingle the sea never comes into….Or it is just as windy as f*ck all the time there.

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