Daily Prompt – Say your name


Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself?

Photographers, show us  YOU. 

This is me and my friend and we are both called Jo. This photograph was taken on a very sunny day (hence the squinting) yesterday.

I haven’t seen Jo for many, many years as her job entails travelling all over the world so she is not in England much. However, yesterday she knew I was going to be at a music and arts festival that some of her friends had organised and as she was in the country she came down without telling me and just tapped me on the shoulder. We both had a big cry, lots of hugs and lovely catch up. It completely made my day, if not my year!

Anyway, back to names, both of our names as I said are Jo. My full name is Joanne yet I cannot remember anyone apart from my Mum calling me by my full name ever and even then when she did it that meant I was in BIG trouble. I get called Jo, Joby, Josephine, Joline and Jo-Jo by various friends, but never, ever Joanne.

My friend Jo here in the picture with me, her second name is King and no, I am not JoKing. She is well used to that comment and another more risky one about her name by now.

I wouldn’t change my name, I quite like it and after 40-odd years on this planet I am very used to it by now.

You are privileged that I have actually put this photograph up. I absolutely detest photographs of myself and have very, very few of them. Usually I am camped very firmly at the other end of the camera.


17 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – Say your name

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  2. I was named after a snail on the Magic Roundabout. The worst of it is, when Monty Python were looking for the most boring, most pointless and useless, undramatic sounding name they could think of for their latest film they came down to a toss-up between Brian and Denis. Denis wasn’t bad enough. That’s why they ended up with the Life of Brian. Sad, but totally true.

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  6. I feel privileged to see it Jo! Lovely photo of you and your friend!! By the way – hardly anyone likes pictures of themselves – I certainly don’t! 🙂 Funny coincidence you should put this up, because I sneaked one up of myself a couple of days ago on my about page! I’ve been very reluctant until now to put up any other photo of me other than the one in Pantomime! My brother (GrowlTigger) says I look 15 years younger on that little phone picture than I actually look – “thanks” I said. But at least he’s honest! I think my little phone camera lied a bit for me, as cameras often do, and I painted out the background too, so it looks like I’m at a club or coming out of a black hole! I’m working on a another one – so far the ones I’ve taken I look nearer 60 – they’ve been deleted! Why are we all so worked up about our faces – seems a pity, because the real person is on the inside, that’s all that matters! So pleased you put yourself up here, nice to identify on another level with the person behind the all the lovely pictures! 😀

    • 😀 I don’t think the camera likes me very much. I actually look much better in photographs that I don’t know are being taken, I am rubbish and standing and posing and find myself very self conscious and it really shows in the photgraph. I think this is why I prefer taking candid shots rather than ‘posed ones’ myself. I am who I am and thought,oh what they hell! I will be heading over your page now for a look at your piccie soon xx

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