Conversations with my pets #6 – Belle photobombs Jack (Open up to see it properly. Spot the cat)


Jack – “Wait, wait. Don’t take it yet, let me just move this leg. Right.. ok.. No wait, let me just put my head down slightly and get my ears right. Don’t take it until my ears are in the exact correct position ok?”

Me – “Come on Jack for goodness sake, it doesn’t take Kate Moss this long to get her pose right”

Belle- “Seriously . No come on! Quickly, Quick take it now, take it. DO NOT tell him I am here.. This has to be the most I have laughed since the big gangling thing arrived in the house.




31 thoughts on “Conversations with my pets #6 – Belle photobombs Jack (Open up to see it properly. Spot the cat)

  1. Honestly these beings are simply unable to do anything without either attracting our attention or making us smile! We call our companion our very own jester!!!
    Great shot! [love the ears, the legs and ah, that look!]

  2. Awesome! The cats keep photobombing the pictures we try to take of the little prince… any time we set him up for a posed photo, they come sniffing around… little stinkers!

      • God I love his ears. Greyhounds are the only dogs who’s ears can literally go in any direction! It is brilliant because they do so many different things with them there is always an opportunity for a good photo 🙂

      • Our dog must be part grayhound, then. She has the strangest ears. They are poodle shaped, no hair, and she sticks them straight out or up, or lets them flop, or even puts them back (not her best look!) lol

      • That does sound like she has greyhound in her because as far as I was away that breed (lurcher, whippet, greyhound etc) are the only ones who can do it, there is a name for it but it escapes me. My favorite is when he has one ear up and one half cocked lol. I could be wrong in that other breeds can but that is what I read recently lol.

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