Not this time.

DSC_0445-(2)SMBreathless voices
limbs entwined.
Touches sear
in heat sublime.
Biting down
as kisses rain,
inflicting sweetest
pleasure pain.
Beads of warmth
softly gather,
like dew drops
on a fallen feather.
Our bodies one
our souls now barred,
explode into
a million shards.
Will this moment
again be mine?
No, not for us.
Not this time.



25 thoughts on “Not this time.

  1. I love the poem Jo, it’s very atmospheric, in a word way! 🙂 And the picture is very gorgeous!
    I love these little macro shots of the ordinary, they are the tiny things of life we see, sometimes only out of the corner of our eye, we register it, but in another way forget. Taking pictures of them, is in way a reminder of all those little things we just pass by! 🙂

    • This is very true Suzy, I was mooching in the garden looking for little creepy crawlies and stumbled across it, it just looked so pretty in the sushine. Thank you 🙂

  2. Will this moment
    again be mine?
    No, not for us.
    Not this time.

    Beautiful, yet unexpectedly sad ending, I think. Of course, we can’t repeat magical moments, but I get the feeling that this moment is totally gone – once in a lifetime. The picture magnifies that thought because you can never get a repeat of that picture. Loose feathers don’t usually stay put! 🙂 Great job of putting emotions into words.

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