We went to the local classical car show in town today… My Achilles heel revealed ..


Judging by her hairline I am suspecting not solid gold perhaps?

I love and hate these kind of events with equal measures. I am horribly impatient and intolerant. There I said it.

I really do like classic cars and I want to photograph them. What I hate is people, in my way, in my shot. Strolling without a care in the world into my very space.

I particularly hate the ones where I have crouched down and took ages to frame it, get the settings right, the light is right and just as I am about to press the shutter I have Mr Beige Slacks with his saggy arse, sandles and socks walk smack bang in my view finder, for ages. And ages, and fecking ages. Then when he moves Doris his wife with her mobility scooter forces everyone and their dog to move out of their way as they are going past like it or not and bedlam ensues and I have lost the will the live never mind to take the photograph.

Put me in an empty room please with things and no people.

I opted for close-ups. It just made my day easier. Β My own kids and even my dog know to move aside when I get that look in my eye.


Paradise by the dashboard light?


My son Oscar’s fav car of the day.


Hi, you know I am kind of cute… Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

DSC_0141SM DSC_0154SM DSC_0159SM DSC_0165L DSC_0165SM

21 thoughts on “We went to the local classical car show in town today… My Achilles heel revealed ..

  1. I was in Chester Cathedral once and I accidentally walked through somebody’s shot. They’d spent ages setting it up, as well – extremely low shutter speed to capture some flickering candle or other, back in the pre-digital era, where every shot counted. I’ll tell you, no-one should ever use that sort of language in a cathedral .

  2. Great pics, really, they are. I get the “hey, you’re in my frame, yo!” – Sometimes these things make us work (a bit) harder to get a different shot, that’s surprises the viewer, an well as one taking them.

    I remember this from taking an ton of 35mm shots that I couldn’t moderate until they popped out of the developer.

    You’re definitely on a good roll (pun intended) with your style of photography.

    Thanks for sharing…

    • Thank you πŸ™‚ I think I would have cried a lot had I develop them before I could see them. Thanks for joining my small FB group, please feel free to share links to your blog on it.

    • They are great, all the care and attention that people have put into it. I heard today that the winner of the overall show crashed his car on the way home 😦 he wasn’t hurt but he must be devastated.

  3. How wonderfully fun. You did an amazing job capturing these wonderful metal works of art. I agree with you – what’s with these clueless people that walk straight into your shot. Grrrr…. Time for a tripod and a 30 sec exposure to make them disappear.

    • Ha yes! I should really work on that though. I shouldn’t get so impatient because everyone is entitled to be there but when I have the camera in my hand I turn into a right horror haha!

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