Weekly Photo Challenge – Curves #1

Busy Scene Undersaturated 72I went back to my achieves to find these. I knew that I had some ‘curvy’ photographs somewhere. These were taken a year or so ago when I was learning more about editing. They were photographs that I wanted to ‘art up’ so to speak so added a huge dollop of photoshop until I got an effect that I quite liked.

I am hoping that I can get out during the week to take some new ones for the challenge as there are plenty of curves around here.

Bad love Mirror Ball 2jpg Mirror-Man-WEB




36 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Curves #1

  1. Your photos of Blackpool are awesome. I especially like the one of Coral Island, the effect you’ve achieved is great. I must have looked at that scene a thousand times in real life, but you’ve shown it to me in a fresh way πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Sas, I get a bit obsessed with trying new things, this was when I was bracketing and de-saturating and well just messing with all sorts lol.

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    • Thank you. The glitter ball is a bit like marmite around here because it is photographed so much that we all get totally sick of seeing it haha. This is the one and only photograph I have of it. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, as I just said on another comment we see so many photographs of it that we end up getting fed up of the thing lol the reflections in it are always interesting though.

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