A moment

DSC_0017smToday on the beach with the clouds bearing down,
Sun on the water glistening green, white and brown.
Breeze softly bestowing sharp salt to the air,
silent reflection in this moment we share.
A look into each other eyes, a smile, acknowledged token,
a moment when all things are said yet can remain unspoken.


30 thoughts on “A moment

    • Thank you so much Cubby, it was a very beautiful walk on the beach the beach today. You can’t help but be inspired (even with simple words such as mine) with views such as today’s. 🙂

    • Oh you should have said I would have gone and had a ganders. It is more brown but today it was so lovely that you pretend it wasn’t.. almost. 🙂

    • I shoot in raw Moi because no matter how good you are you will in some images lose detail in the shadows or over blow the highlights somewhere. Raw allows you to recover that without degrading the image so you can see any problem areas and process it to how you saw it. The files are very large and yoy have to process and convert them but it is worth it. I only ever use jpeg for snapshots. 🙂

      • yeah I started shooting in raw too (I think we spoke about this a little while back), still not great for me, I think my post processing techniques are poor. Your pictures are so sharp and clear, its amazing.

      • I do love this camera and it isn’t even a top end Nikon. The 18-55 lens is really sharp. Personally I have found that post processing in Camera Raw works best in keeping the clarity and do no editing once converted to jpeg as you will then start to degrade the image. I usually do my B&W conversions in photoshop and it introduces noise that I then have to sacrifice some clarity to remove. Still looking for solutions to that problem. 🙂

      • I think I need to practice in this, I have photoshop, and whilst my dSLR is old it is quite a good one.

      • You can use Camera Raw to process your NEF files as a plug in with photoshop Moi. It really does make all the difference. 🙂

      • I have adobe bridge which opens RAW and allows you to manipulate them. is Camera Raw a separate plug in?

      • Yes it is a separate plug in, you can open into Raw from Bridge though. Send me an email from my about page so I have your email addy and I will see if I can help you out with this.

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