Weekly Photo Challenge – Curves #2


I usually try to do at least 2 posts for these challenges. One hopefully from my archives that might fit and some new ones.
These were taken today on our daily walk down the beach. It just so happened that the clouds were rather awesome today as well as finding a couple of curves.




53 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Curves #2

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  2. *goes outside. grabs a jar and fills it with some of that good ole’ California sun and heat. seals it good. winds up and, with all his might, launches the jar toward the eastward sky*

    It might take a couple of days, but hopefully it’ll get there nonetheless!

    • I followed my heart almost two years ago now and I have not regretted it, I have to say though, Northumberland is a beautiful place and I one I really would like to visit again with my camera.

  3. I’m getting freaked out by the Mrs M. You are the second person to write that and for reasons, very close to the bone, it’s resonating. You’re not MI 5 (or is that 6?) are you?

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    • I love how the cloud formations are sometimes on the coast, I have never known skies so dramatic anywhere else that I have lived. I have become obsessed with clouds since I have been here. thank you. -)

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    • Ha, well.. Anybody with a good eye can take a decent picture with any camera. However, for me I shoot in manual because I know my camera inside out and I know what settings/lenses I need according to the scene I want to capture. Every different type of photograph will require different light, different settings etc to achieve the look I want to achieve. That took a fair few years of learning, reading, tutorials, trial and error. I still learn new things all the time. I only shoot in Raw so that I can recover detail if needs be without degrading the file. I guess it is a bit like the digital equivalent of shooting with film, you capture all the detail so if you shot is a bit under or over exposed you can correct that if needs be in post process. Lastly, when I go out with my camera I pretty much already know what it is that I want to achieve and I concentrate on that instead of jumping from one thing to the next. For example, if I am going to do slow shutter I may concentrate on that for a whole week with different scenes. Same with depth of field etc. The thing you need a lot of with photography is patience. πŸ™‚

      • My camera can do RAW and by coincidence I’ve just bought a bookazine (complete with Dvd) on the topic. Steep learning curve ahead I guessβ€”haven’t a clue how to use manual, I’ll need consult the manual. Thanks for that, your shots inspire~!

  17. A wall with curves~! (Buggerβ€”why didn’t I think of that? Dum’ dog …)

    And I still don’t know enough to try RAW. Slow learner (old dog, new tricks). Love that shot! πŸ™‚

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