DSC_0043smIntoxicated by sweetest rose,
whispered love written in prose.
I let you in, I slipped my guard,
that speeding rush has hit me hard.
Too many tries with no what-if,
problems tumbling over bliss.
I’ll remove myself from minds invasion,
disappear from this equation.
This turmoil then will surely cease?
Return to you your inner peace.
Walk away and close the door.
Gift you with your life before
my being was one of suasion,
and just another complication.



14 thoughts on “Complication

  1. I had to Google ‘suasion’ then, just to check that it was a real word and not one of those words that Shakespeare throws about willy-nilly. And, well, marry sirrah, t’was!

    • HAHA I wondered if you would Brian, it was in my head but I must admit that I googled it before I used it… just to make sure it wasn’t one I had made up lol

  2. If only life could go back to before with no complications. Unfortunately our memories build complications that fall into our next relationships. We are never the same after someone has entered that special zone in our heart, and when they leave, a cleft or space remains that is shaped like them. 🙂

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