Fourteen years

Irish SeaI shouldn’t have been there at all.
I made a bad choice and I triggered
the fall.
Before that things ambled, but they ambled
just fine.
Then I stepped for 14 years onto the wrong
Packed full of people with binary faces,
gossip and hate wrapped in chardonnay cases.
Helping you out as a means to an end.
Always an agenda with those fair weather
All that time shared, that you thought really mattered,
tossed away over nothing. Discarded and tattered.
I continued to live it. Thought it’s what I should
A lost part of my mind though was about to
break through.
I realised with certainty that it was simply time,
to jump onto a passing star and leave all that behind.
Holding hands to take the plunge with total
Tiptoed wave to wave to land beside the
Irish sea.
My life rushed right back to its natural rhythm
swept far away from enforced cataclysm.
Peace descended from darkness to how it should be.
Unshackled now to walk away from those
years of misery.
Yet in the midst of all that madness there
was always one thing true.
The love that gave me strength to leave,
the one I never left was you.

34 thoughts on “Fourteen years

  1. I remember when that stretch of prom used to be closed off several times a week so the rich kids could practice shooting their rifles. Imagine that, shooting rifles as one of your lessons. I mean, why? Were they expecting trouble with the peasants in adulthood?

    • Thank you very much. Believe it or not I took this photograph just a few days ago, summer has not quite reached the North yet. 🙂

  2. Your pictures are som of my favourite always….they are special and worthy of being seen ny more people…. In my humble opinion.

    Such honesty in your words too

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    • There is and there always will be. Luckily not everyone treats people as disposable, I have learnt that there are so many wonderful people out there who are worthy of spending time and effort on 🙂

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