Remember me.

DSC_0065Asm-LRemember me, remember me as my mind stirs through the trees,
For I am every memory that has brought you to your knees.
Cherish every moment as I grow through winters storm,
every fibre of you stretched as through my timeline you are torn.
I may not know all things today, but I learn from all you do,
As I turn just one day older; remember, so do you.
Teach me without prejudice, without malice, fear or scorn.
A future without hatred is the reason I was born.



32 thoughts on “Remember me.

    • An old darkroom trick brought to the modern world either in camera if you have that ability or in photoshop. I saw it on Flickr and just had to find out how to do it. It is layered multiple exposures. I have really enjoyed looking back on how they did it in the darkroom and learning how to apply it today. You never stop learning if you look backwards. πŸ™‚

      • The late great photographers really did bring amazing techniques, composure and ideas and like in any genre, music, comedy, film, we must perpetuate it forever πŸ™‚

      • That second photograph reminds me of the public information film they used to have on telly when I was a kid…the one about ‘not playing in ponds in woods’…and the first one smacks of ‘The Street of Crocodiles’…

      • Not seen streets of crocodiles but I have a vague memory of the playing in the woods or near ponds one ha! I think they moved onto ‘Charlie Said’ not long after that lol

      • Google Image the Street of Crocodiles. It’s probably the creepiest, most brilliant, piece of animation ever made. It might even be on YouTube. Well worth a watch if it is. You’ll have nightmares…

      • I am not doing that tonight ha! I will have a look tomorrow when I have the whole day to get over it!

    • Thank you and I hope they are moving. They are all our children so we can only give them a blank canvas to work from I would like to think that my kids have one of hope at least.

    • Well, the shots are of my children and I do them in house, or out and about just when I see a look or a mood. They are amazing at forgetting I am even there with my camera now (they are so used to it) so I do get some amazing candid shots of them. My daughter is my muse so she just does not flinch when I say I want to photograph and she throws me some amazing looks. This is the beginning of a bigger project I hope. Also she is 10 now and has her own camera and gets some much better shots than I do lol x

      • Your connection with your children and their relaxed ‘feeling’ in the photographs speak volumes about how much they trust you and your camera – I think it will build their confidence in many ways too – and to know that they inspire you so much. It is so special to working together with her on this.

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