DSC_0132smWhere colours merge to golden light,
I tiptoe though the fields of green.
Ideas take shape and form to flight,
to take me where I have not been.

A chapter ends with goodbye kiss,
I feel no fear along this road
that always would have led to this,
a journey new with lighter load.

A time anew I can’t pretend,
that I don’t know now much I’ve grown,
and this shall have the sweetest end,
as seeds of love will yet be sown.

There are no tears to shed as all our
farewells echo in the night.
No bitter words to cloud and sour
a future that is ever bright.

Each heart passed back along the way,
are stepping-stones laid out for me
to tiptoe where my love once lay,
and lead to where I need to be.


12 thoughts on “Tiptoe

    • Thank you. It is true though isn’t it, that every thing that happens to you, and especially when people touch your life in any way it teaches you something and you grow from it and it is almost like you are lighter for it.

      • God that sounds so pompous ha! I mean I love to go back in time and take it from there, and copy in me own way… artistically which is what keeps it alive a bit x

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