Warning signs and alarm bells
were all very much in place.
Another lesser stronger
that cannot keep up with my pace.

I wish I was her,
with her ability to tell
all that will be in your world
and all that will be well.

No . I  am the one who free’s you
who lets you catch your dream.
That shows you that not everything
is ever as it seems.

The one who you let go
even if you did not want.
I am really not that special
just a memory redundant.

Just travelling it seems
to perpetuate your life
Never quiet that good enough
to ever be your wife.

Running away all of the time
from you in many forms
Just waiting for the stronger one,
who can take me in his arms.

The one who is stronger,
than the past that you have lived.
The one who managed to be whole,
Who’s everything, forgives.


6 thoughts on “Forgive.

  1. From the heart or not, it’s good! Do you have a chorus to go between the verses? It doesn’t need one, just wondering if you are still playing around with it.

    • I honestly cannot catch the chorus yet for the very life of me! I am hoping that will come when I hear the melody and can see where that takes me maybe?

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