DSC_0156SMI don’t take many photo’s of sun up’s or sun downs,
and it’s not that I don’t find them beautiful.
It is just that they are just quite photo’d to death,
they seem to be quite distributional.
Yet the rays when they fall from the sky to the land
is a moment of quiet portray.
That can capture your soul and the sense of your being
and will quietly spirit you away.
Then you find a man,
on the beach with a stove
and many a story to tell.
Back drop the sunset and tales never heard
with a genie and burnt wooden smell.

DSC_0203sm DSC_0220SM


24 thoughts on “Sunsets

  1. I do like your first photo – it has a little something different to what I normally see. Something maybe to do with where the light is during the capture.

  2. You may be right about the “over photographing” but the first image here is magical: a real big picture feel to it! The black and white images part of a more definite narrative, love the “anything you want” comment.

    • I do very little post production unless I am doing arty stuff. I processed the raw file just the usual, highlights, shadows and I purposely under exposed in shot to get more detail but thats it. It was a lovely sky. 🙂

  3. Sunsets and sunrises may be well covered in photographs, but I don’t think they will ever be over photographed – the beauty, the colors, the imagery, the power and allusions (and illusions as well)… they will never get old, they will never get tired. I love your top shot. And, I love your accompanying words too. Well done!

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