Go my own way.

DSC_1593LThis is my life, my children, the path I chose.
Yes I want love, ‘that’ person.
Nobody exists though above them.
I think I meet you, the one in a million
for many, many reasons.
The one not in a million.
Who then shouted me down.
Took me back to the day
I lost control.
The end for me
when I cannot speak.
When I cannot hear myself think
or speak above you.
That is the day that I say goodbye.
And started again.
For me, for them.
For a never again.
I would rather be alone.
Yet I know I won’t be.
Because I have them
to teach me about every moment,
of their world each moment of every day.
That is enough.


10 thoughts on “Go my own way.

  1. This is going to sound horribly conceited, but I know what you mean. To lower the conceit level just a bit, know that I have two kids. Hope you’ll forgive me. {;~}

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