We do love a good airshow.

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25 thoughts on “We do love a good airshow.

  1. Great shots! I recall seeing one in 2000, still had a film compact camera… I took something like half a dozen rolls that day :D. I would probably be worse today with my DSLR and tele lens 😀

    • Thank you and Ha well I knew I would be the same and I am trying to stop that so I set the size of my files to super big and took two memory cards with me. It really forced me not to go mad taking billions of photographs. I still have the jets to go through and a few others but these were the only ones I had time to convert from Raw tonight. 🙂

    • I only took about 300 which for me was awesome! I am usually in the 1000’s lol! It really made me wait but if I saw something I knew I liked I shot. This was a tip I read online about trying to think film while shooting in digital, restrict yourself.

  2. First air-show in the world ever at Blackpool. (Betcha didn’t know that. Or possibly you did.) Also. it’s where Amy Johnson took off from on her last flight, before she vanished somewhere over the English channel never to be seen again. Just thought I’d throw in a bit of history.

    • I did not know either of those things! See the thing I do like about having you as a friend is that I learn things daily that I can randomly pass on as I if had known them all my life lol.

    • Thank you Colline but having viewed them, honestly I do not think that the wing walkers get enough credit, who would do that? x I used up quite my quota of limited shots on them I have to admit lol x

  3. Amazing photos!! I like you would have taken hundreds 🙂 That’s how you get the ONE or two brilliant shots. I love the wing walkers! They must have the fear part of their brains missing!

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