Jack portrait.

DSC_1681smSo I have a couple of new lenses. One of them is a 50mm fixed lens that I have been dying to use. I have some portrait shots of my daughter firmly fixed in my head, I know exactly what I want and how they should look. However, she was little miss mardy lip (as is her want) and has refused to pose for me. *sigh*

This will not do when I want to play with my new lens so I took to the garden and took all manner of non portrait shots with it just to give it a run. I like it, a lot. I plan on doing a lot more street photography with this lens because I think it will lend itself really well to it and I really do want to give it a run on some portraits which I really want to do more of.

I also want to play around with in camera double exposures as I really like the thought of learning more about that and mixing it up a bit maybe.

In the meantime, here is Jack taken on the 50mm looking handsome as always. Hopefully I can bribe the daughter to put her lip away and do some posing for me later on.


24 thoughts on “Jack portrait.

  1. You can do double exposures with Photoshop. Or even triple…or quadruple. In fact, the sky’s the limit. I took a deliberate double-exposure (pre-digital age) once on my old SLR, and the idiots at the developers put a massive ‘film not wound on’ sticker over the finished product.

    • I have a couple in here that I did in photoshop and they did come out quite well, the new camera allows you to do them in camera so I really just want to play. Oh GOD I remember the days of not being able to be creative in film without getting one of those stickers on your shot haha!!

    • Thank you, he is stupidly obsessed with me and I would love to capture how he looks at me as these dogs have so much love in their eyes it is ridiculously adorable but the minute I put the camera to my face he looks away! Meh! Will get it eventually.

      • Hahaha!
        We have a similar problem with the little prince right now. He’ll be super cute, giggling, laughing, smiling, and we’ll pull out the camera to capture his expressions and he’ll switch to this serious/intent/inquisitive look and start studying the camera, trying to figure it out. Moment lost, no photo, camera goes away, and voila he’s smiling and giggling again. Argh!

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