Jack portrait 2

JackI finally managed to get a shot of Jack looking into the camera. Usually he looks down, or looks away when I put the camera in front of my face. If he can’t see me properly he isn’t usually interested in looking.

I love his eyes and the look of love that he gives me.  Unconditional. The holy grail.

I don’t muzzle him very much but a friend was over with her three young children. Although he is a gentle chap I always muzzle him around children, I feel safer and he is able to run around without me having to shut him away in another room. Better safe than sorry.


4 thoughts on “Jack portrait 2

    • Thank you. At the end of the day dogs are dogs. I don’t leave him unsupervised with my own children either, you can never predict what they might do no matter how lovely their nature is. I think my friends also feel better when he is muzzled around their kids, he is a very big dog after all. 🙂

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