Less is more.

DSC_2259smThere is a time to head down to the prom to watch the sunset and tonight was that night.
I do love when the clouds add drama, but sometimes less is more.
It was a little bit special.
These shots are not quite as sharp as I would have liked but I don’t care.
It was just very, very beautiful.



48 thoughts on “Less is more.

    • lol!! I hand held and so I didn’t want to lower the shutter speed too much so I kind of knew they would not be super sharp, real high iso which introduced a bit of noise too but I was happy enough because it was a lovely sunset. .

    • North of England too x You know people want to travel the world, but it really is just here, right on our doorstep if they look hard enough.

    • Thank you,again just right place,right capture but could have been better but truth is that it does not always work out that way but it was a beautiful place to be at that moment, x

    • It is true though isn’t it. We really can miss so much by wishing to be somewhere else when really we have most things on our doorstep if we look hard enough. Having young kids and the sunset being that bit later at the moment I really do not get to shoot them much so when I do it really has an impact on me that such beauty is really just moments away from all of us really. Thank you for your comment x

  1. These are simply gorgeous Jo!! πŸ˜€ I went to the beach in Lowestoft with my brother last week, got a bit sunburned by strong wind, ate lots of lovely trashy food – and took some photos. Usual British visit to the beach! Unfortunately we had to leave by 5.30pm because after that there were no more buses home for several hours – how boring is that!? We would have liked to have stayed longer and seen something like this. So for me, this is the scene we never got to see – so thanks for that view! πŸ™‚

    • Always, I honestly could not post a photograph that I did not take in manual, I get it wrong loads but that is just part of the learning curve. Also I now have a new camera a good few models up from my old one and it is beautiful but wow it is taking me time to get a grip with it, feel like I have gone all the way back to phase one! lol!

    • I love the first one too, just the sun trail on the beach. Really lucky with being there, the sunset that I could not have predicted would be that lovely and the light. I have one from tonight, just the sky really that shows how different one day can be from the next.

  2. I really like both of those, the first one is more intimate (if that is the right word to use) I love the colour of the sun next to the darkness of the sea and the red reflecting in the snaking water is fantastic.

    The second one feels more desolate, again loving that reflection but really like that wisp of cloud that looks to be wrapped around the sun, awesome shots.

  3. Hey Jo

    Wow – stunningly beautiful and technically brilliant. You have a natural ability that l can only dream about. You nead to get a ‘Like everything’ button – l would press it twice.

    Bravo and Merci


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