Another sky. Slowly, slowly catchy monkey.

DSC_2333smI really am not out there each night trying to catch the perfect sunset or sky but just recently I have been lucky enough by chance to just be in a place where I watched the sky do what it does best.

This photograph is not special with the sun crowning and dipping into the sea but the truth is I was sat waiting for my daughter to come out of the One Direction concert (I know, I know, I have tried to get her to listen to the beach boys, Oasis, the Beatles and the like but her hormones are racing so One Direction it is just now I am afraid… Meh). The cinema she was at is on the prom so I was able to sit on the steps for 15 minutes to watch the sky do what the sky does which is always amazing and soul soothing. It shimmered and changed, lit up, changed down. Shone through the clouds, gave us beams and shards of lights that spiked out into every direction. Whereas last night it was red and full on, tonight it gifted us with subtle and teasing yellow.

We also get vivid pinks in the Autumn so …. I may feel the need now to try and capture the many difference colours and make this a mini theme, not lots and lots as sunsets are done to death and can get a bit all too much but I think I will try to make sure that each one I post is a different colour, tone or setting to the last one if I can.

Plus.. I have a new camera and it has become much bigger than me again… it is taking me the longest time to get used to it  and all the new and amazing things it can do. So I am taking a lot less photographs than I usually do at the moment. This is a good thing I have been told. It means I am thinking and trying to learn, which I am.  It would be very cocky of me to think that I could just pick this beast up and produce a good photograph, it really does not work like that. It takes a long time to become at one with a new camera, bit like breaking in a new pair of good shoes.

Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey.


3 thoughts on “Another sky. Slowly, slowly catchy monkey.

  1. You should try a timelapse one day. I’m sure the changing sky would be amazing :). And for 1D… Well… Try getting her to listen to Baba O’Riley, from The Who… (I’m sure she heard about the plagiarism claims with their latest song… 😀 )

  2. Hmm… one direction….. Let’s go crazy, crazy, crazy….. Have them on my ipod, who, me???? To be fair, I have The Stones on there too, but I am a bit of a closet boy band fan… Let’s hope no one I know is reading this, I may never live it down 🙂
    Jane x

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