Weekly photo Challenge – Sea

75007_10151631660557576_1852487344_n 148445_10151532674032576_1571279138_n 184457_10151650358142576_1023516161_n 536293_10151458506877576_1748418920_n 546766_10151650358217576_1670946411_n 575500_10151919745022576_1140683928_nDefinitely my favorite challenge so far because as you all probably know… I love the sea!

I have pulled these off my Facebook page so I hope the quality is ok (I can’t lay my hands on my external hard drive at the moment to post the originals). These are mostly from this year but I do hope to get out and take some new ones for the challenge.




35 thoughts on “Weekly photo Challenge – Sea

  1. Awesome shots Jo! Black & White is a great way to see the sea – giving it more texture and contrast. I particularly loved the one color photo of the sea you included – just stunning!

    • Thank you Colline, I have to say in terms of photography Autumn and Winter is much, much better here for photography for me because it is just that little bit more extreme. Summer is never quiet summer enough to capture anything much different. My working hours this year are much longer during winter so not sure if I can capture anything much this year so if I get the chance I will be putting more concentration into it.

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  5. My, my, my, Jo, these are excellent. I do love your choice of shutter speed too. they all convey the power of the ocean extremely well. The first one is definitely my favorite. You’ve captured the motion, yet with just the right touch of softness in the waves.

    • Thank you very much. I would love to do some more slow shutter this Autumn. I have a much sturdier tripod now so fingers crossed as usually the right conditions are quite challenging due to the high winds. 🙂

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