I climbed a hill and took some photographs.

DSC_4827smI don’t normally do hills, but it is funny when you are with someone who is quite different from you it changes your outlook.
Climb a hill, feel the burn (thank god I gave up smoking a few months back) and look at life from a different perspective.
My very first proper landscape shoot and I do still have lots to learn so please forgive any glaring errors, landscapes are not my forte by any means of the imagination. (I am normally land level looking straight on and usually at the sea so I was out of my comfort zone here). No filters with me so forgive the contrast but I quite liked it just the way it was to be honest.
Ps, sorry I have not been here much recently, just so busy with work and new things going on in my life I am meeting myself coming back. I will catch up at some point if I get five minutes to myself!

DSC_4842SM DSC_4877SMDSC_2370SM DSC_2446SM DSC_2469SM DSC_2514SM DSC_2543SM DSC_2554SM DSC_4860SM DSC_4896SM DSC_4908SM

The past cannot hold you back,
allow yourself to grow.
Accept that hand held out to you,
This one will not let go.


18 thoughts on “I climbed a hill and took some photographs.

  1. #1 I like the contrast between the black and white, interesting effect on the grass, I would like to see the same with the foreground left untouched.

    #2 – I love the way you do those shots to make them look like models, I really cannot do it.

    #3 I really like that landscape, I like the shadows of the clouds on the ground and I am drawn to the white building in the upper left.

    #6 I like all the different shades of green and the sky.

    #7 & 8 – I love B&W the details are everything, I like the white and black water effect at the waterfall and the structure of the bridge.

    #9 The house looks great, did you “dull down” the house and brighten the leaves?

    • Hi Moi, thank you. I increased the contrast in the one with the house, it really did stand out as it was against all those different shades of green, I also pulled back some of the detail between the low and highlights to try and get a nice balance. The first shot I am not entirely happy with, I may post the colour version of it as it much more effective I think with the colour of the heather in the foreground. The blurring on the grass was in camera as I had it on a very low aperture and focused on the tree so it threw the foreground out, it works better in colour 🙂

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