Through Autumn Sun.

DSC_4824smIn the meadow where we walked,
through Autumn sun and paths that forked
up winding hills past hidden ponds.
where breezes blew and wheatgrass awned,
and dragonflies refused to land
for portrait shots which I had planned.
So on we went past sheep dog trials,
and tiny houses away by miles.
Through Autumn sun we did not stop,
and gathered heather at the top.


22 thoughts on “Through Autumn Sun.

      • If you stand with your back to the sea and look at the mountains, it’s the one on the far right. Not Beacon fell – that’s the one on it’s own a bit more to the right than the rest of them, but the one just before that on the end of the chain.

      • I googled it, I fancy a go at that one, it looks really cool. Might give that a go before the weather gets too bad.

    • Thank you for your lovely comment, I have to be honest I am not a hiker or walker usually so I think that walk breathed life and a little bit of inspiration into me and I cannot wait for the next one, regardless of how much it hurts my legs! 🙂

      • Indeed walks amongst nature often inspire and refresh the mind and soul. I’m sorry to hear that your legs hurt, but rest assured, the results were worth it!
        Looking forward to more of your delightful photos and blog posts!

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