Weekly Photo Challenge – Infinite

DSC_5033SMSometimes that is how I feel about Jack’s eyesight when we are walking in the woods. The truth is that sight hounds can see up a mile into the distance. He will suddenly stop and go into sight mode and more often than not I have no idea what he has spotted. Today he went into statue mode, ears up staring into the distance for a good five minutes.  I was pleased that I had the camera with me as I loved the light that was spilling into the shot and I really do love his ears when he sights.

In this case I don’t doubt it was a squirrel that he had seen far into the distance as there were a fair few of them scurrying about today.





15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Infinite

    • Me too, I could watch him in sight mode for the longest time. His body starts to shiver with excitement. There is not a chance I could let him off the lead in the woods. That would be him gone for a while lol! He never kills though thank god. He chases, catches and then just waits for whatever he has caught to run again. Found that out once when he slipped the lead. My favorite thing is watching him run, it is magnificent. I have a place now that is totally enclosed where I can let him off, next time I am there I will try to get some photographs of him. 🙂 Thank you for reading and commenting, I hope that soon I can get some time to catch up with everyone else’s blogs properly.

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    • From the eyes of a greyhound, sadly what he was looking at will elude the capabilities of any Nikon known to man, so I guess that really is infinite lol!

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