A very Cleveleys protest in photographs.


We have all heard of them. Poundland, the shop that brings tat to your high-streets for a quid a pop. This it seems also applies to people’s livelihoods, it would appear that to them, that too is worthless.

They bought the building that our Indoor Market was in. The traders turned up to work last week to find the building had been locked up. No notice period had been given to them. All of their stock is still inside the building and they cannot get it out or get any answers from either the former landlord of the building or indeed from Poundland themselves.

They have simply, two months before Christmas at which should be their busiest trading time been stripped of their businesses without any explanation.

This is wrong on so many levels. They had not been given the required notice period,  in fact they were given NONE. They had not defaulted on their rent and they had complied with everything required of them. All of these stall holders have overnight lost their income, not to mention that the local people, particularly the elderly ones who enjoyed this market on a daily basis have lost yet another integral part of their community to yet another tat shop that nobody wants and nobody needs.

It is an absolute disgrace that these large companies feel they can just treat people like this and expect them to just accept it. Our town now has no market at all for the locals to go and browse, buy local and sit and have a coffee and a chat within their community. And believe me, we are big on shopping in our local town here.

I was very proud of our sleepy seaside town today, they came out and actually protested about it, they shouted and got the local news involved and even the BBC turned up to film it.

I hope that the right thing is done here and these people are allowed to continue to trade as they rightly should be. I also hope that Poundland realise that not every town wants them and furthermore, this town does not forget very easily and I fear if they continue in the way that they are at the moment there purchase of this building could well have been in vain, and I hope that it was.

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10 thoughts on “A very Cleveleys protest in photographs.

  1. This is awful! The loss of markets is an ongoing issue for all of us, small traders just can’t compete with the multi nationals. And what has been done to your market is shocking. Personally, if Poundland does open, I would refuse to shop there.
    Jane x

    • I never at any point said they didn’t John. My personal opinion is that we don’t need one, but that is just my opinion. My point is that the traders have been locked out of the premises without being told and cannot get their stock. Do you think that is a fair way to be treated?

  2. These companies try this on so often. Obviously the landlord has sold the plot to poundland. should that shop goes ahead everyone needs to boycott it.

  3. It’s just a complete disgrace and sadly typical of how big money does ‘business’. Whoever sold the building should be ashamed of themselves.
    I really like your photos, the expressions on those people are very telling. I hope things will change for them, never underestimate the power of the people!

  4. great post and your photos really make me feel for the people there. I think it’s a sad thing for that big company to come in there and just take over like that. I hope your post helps. Maybe if enough attention is brought to the story, they’ll have some second thoughts and return things to normal. Community is hard to build and we’re losing it more and more. No wonder people feel so bad all the time and society going crazy. 😦

    • It didn’t help but it was good to document how strongly people felt about it. Sadly, the little people rarely win and most of them will end up shopping in there. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

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