Habit #2 – Creatives.

I have always had a habit of finding myself knowing, meeting or stumbling upon very creative people and so I wanted combine that little habit with my obsessive habit of taking seascape photographs.

This piece of music was written by a very special and ridiculously talented friend of mine. It was originally to go with one of the poems I had written in here but as I cannot sing, I have yet to find a way of putting the melody and lyric with it. That is still work in progress. However, I think as a stand alone piece of music it is very beautiful so I wanted to share it with some of my seascape photographs (Most of which you will surely have seen before if you follow my blog as I also have a habit of trying to do as many weekly photo challenges as I can.)

I hope you like the music as much as I do.


13 thoughts on “Habit #2 – Creatives.

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