Are you strong enough?


Are you strong enough to lie with me
and hear the things I have not said?
To accept I show those things to you
when I take you to my bed?
When you realise I am as fragile
as a falling Autumn leaf,
will you accept my insecurities
and my introverted grief?
Are you able to get past that
to the person locked inside?
To know that though my tears
wont fall,
you will know how hard I tried?
Even though a journey with me,
will be harder than it should.
Nobody else will take your soul
to the places that I could.
Are you strong enough to feel?
Are you strong enough to cry?
If a cloudless life is what you need,
then we have said our last goodbye.

20 thoughts on “Are you strong enough?

    • Thank you. The words usually come after the image that I have taken. The images are usually from the heart first and foremost and they prompt the words that are usually things that maybe needed to be said and were not.

    • It isn’t perfect. I took this with my 50mm fixed lens at a really, really open aperture I think about 1.8, just testing it out. In reality it needed to about 2.8 which will be next time 🙂

      • You can go for the 2.8, but I’m loving the seriously shallow DOF here Jo. But it’s not just the DOF. The color is jaw-dropping! That rust red-brown mixed with the pale light blue and the brushes of green, mmm! Yummy for the eyes.

      • Thank you so much, I do like it, I think I am going to play with lots of different DOF while I am out and about, I hadn’t really thought of using the fixed lens for anything but portraits but I will be playing with them a lot more that’s for sure 🙂

      • Fixed lenses are amazing things. Where you may loose the versatility of choosing your composition by altering your local length, you seriously gain in image quality. It may not seem that apparent these days, what with technological innovation in making lens, but at a closer look, a good fixed lens will spank a zoom every day in terms of DOF, sharpness, and in some cases flexibility in aperture control. In short, the more you play with them, the more hooked you’ll be.

      • I think you are absolutely right plus they keep you in the moment rather than allowing you to search for it, which creativity wise I find much better. I have two fixed lenses that have frightened me a bit up to now except on things I know how to use them with. I think I will be playing an awful lot with them over the coming months. II adore Autumn/Winter for photography anyway so something a bit new I hope.

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