Weekly Photo Challenge – Beginning

Of a new years winter of stormy high tides. In the first photograph, it looks like a scary sea monster is heading to shore!

DSC_5698s DSC_5720s DSC_5803s DSC_5808s DSC_5815s


70 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Beginning

    • I had to shoot these into the sun, it was very bright but very stormy. I was on the prom (I shouldn’t have been as it was closed so shhh) I had very limited time as it was getting worse so it would have been unsafe to stay any longer than I did. I think it is going to be quite bad tomorrow also so may go down there again. I do love the sea when it is wild.

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    • Thank you, It was amazing I just wish I could have stayed and got more but I really had to get off there! I am sure this was nothing compared to how it got a bit later.

      • We live an hour or so from the coast and often remark about going there for a storm. Perhaps this will be my inspiration. Glad you got off of there safely.

    • You kind of know when it is time to get the hell out of there. There is always a better shot but… you need to go when the time is right 🙂

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  7. Brilliant shots you have there! I thought it was Blackpool! No mistaking that tower eh? And very pleased that you got well clear before you were swept away – please take care!!!

      • I go into withdrawal if I don’t see the ocean often enough. I worry, though that when we move it will be inland (obviously cheaper) and be an hour or more away. I suppose it won’t be that bad. But getting my ocean fix will take more planning.

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    • It was a very high tide indeed. Quite windy but all in all not too bad. It is great down there when there is a high tide, guaranteed drama 🙂

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