Frankie portraits

DSC_6414SMI love shooting her in natural light and she is so good in front of the camera. This was shot with no flash in low light, high ISO to give it a grainy could have been taken in any era feel.
After I took this whilst I was playing with the camera settings I came across something I have only done in photoshop before, double exposures in camera with no editing. I didn’t realise that I could actually do that within this camera and will be something that at some point I will be having a proper play with.
The below photograph for me has a real air of the 60’s about it for some reason. Β This was a double exposure taken in the garden. I quite like it and will be looking at good places to experiment with more exposures to try to create some thought out arty portraits in the future.


14 thoughts on “Frankie portraits

  1. I really like these two images. Your model has such a natural look. I’m off to see if my camera will do double exposures. You used to be able to do that in film cameras. Thanks for sharing these images.

    • Thank you. I love the old film double exposures and I have done a few within photoshop in the past but whilst reading the manual (yes I am that sad) I had come across a section about the camera being capable of producing them (Nikon D300) so whilst I was going through the settings I found it. You can do quite a few exposures and it stitches them all together quite nicely I think. This was really a quick test one so the next ones I want to try and get in the right light/settings etc. to see what I can produce. Looks like a fun project. I hope you find it on your camera, what are you shooting with?

      • Unfortunately, The Canon 650D/RebelT4i cannot do this in the camera. Only the more expenses with the full frame sensor have that built in. I too can do it in Photoshop and will try it there. Good luck with your project.

      • To be honest you get just as good results doing it in photoshop and it is good fun. I think it just took me back to the film days being able to do it in camera although really, it still isn’t quite the same by any stretch of the imagination but that is ok πŸ™‚ It is good to play about with different things.

  2. Absolutely beautiful. The double exposure is a very cool feature too. I’ve got it on both of my cameras, but one of them has the extra benefit of displaying the first image shot superimposed over what you are about to shoot over the first. I don’t play with it too much because it takes time to find the right blend for a good shot, but when I do get a good one, it’s too cool for school.

    • I really think that both have their place. I like to know how to do things in camera because then I feel as though I am not breaking any rules to do absolutely anything that I want in post processing if I feel like it. I feel there is artistic licence in both and actually in some post processing it is as difficult if not more difficult to get it right. However, often I learn something in post processing that I then feel the need to go on and learn how to do in camera that I had not before that thought about so both work for me and take me onward on my journey. It is a win/win situation for me.

  3. Beautiful shot of the little girl. I can’t decide if she looks totally angelic or if she’s about to do something really naughty!!!
    Interesting double exposure shot too…mmm goes to find instruction manual…

    • Knowing her I would go with the latter for sure. One of the reasons that I love shooting her is that I somehow manage to capture all her moods at different points, she is very open and so interesting to photograph. She teaches me a lot about capturing emotions so really, she leads me lot. My little muse. πŸ™‚ Thank you very much for your comment.

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