WPC – Split Second Story 4


Well, I miss loads of challenges and then I can’t get enough of them can I ?
I captured this one today while we were out and about. For me, this was one of those moments when I got home and I had captured exactly how I felt when I was taking the photograph. My settings were bang on to what I wanted them to be and I captured what was exactly in my head when I saw it. I got the shot I intended to get.  Right down to the little girl I was also watching who was longing to run amongst the seagulls in the distant  background. A rare moment for me in this game as very often my head can go a tad faster than my camera. This is the feeling that keeps me out there with my camera no matter how many times I miss the shot I wanted to get. (Ah it happens to us all, we see it, take it then get home and something we just didn’t venture on is in the background that just spoils that moment.) When we get the one we saw, wanted and intended though, it is just bloody joyous isn’t it?




24 thoughts on “WPC – Split Second Story 4

    • I couldn’t hear her, I did zoom for this one. She was adorable though she was at this for ages, waiting for them to land (as someone had left a tray of chips on the floor so they were all homing in) and then she would run through them. It was lovely to watch x

      • Thank you. I only usually come home with maximum 50 photographs when I go out because I am quite specific at what I want to shoot, it really has to catch my eye. I do quite like this one. There is also a little girl just behind her who I noticed was watching her avidly. She was just that little bit older and it seemed that she wished she could be that free. You can just see her behind the little girl. I would have liked to have got her a little clearer but that would have meant making the photograph a little too busy. Thank you for your lovely comments. 🙂

    • Thank you, I think my reader is playing up or world time is against me as I keep missing yours and I wish that was not the case. I need a whole day catching up I think.

    • Yes they do. I do quite like them, I find them very quirky and when I wake up in the morning and hear them it just reminds me how lucky I am to live so close to the sea. I have one that knocks on my window at the moment because I think one of the neighbours has been feeding it, so now it is trying it’s luck with the rest of us. They are too funny.

  1. Almost as if that gull is patting her on the head “There, there … nice try Sweetie, better luck next time~!”

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