Angus goes out…

Angus the house cat on a rare trip outside.  I couldn’t resist sharing these because he is just utterly adorable.

DSC_0018 DSC_0019sm DSC_0050sm



11 thoughts on “Angus goes out…

    • 🙂 I hope to take some more of him soon, and a little exotic shorthair kitten called Jemima, who is equally adorable. Hopefully I will get around to posting them soon.

    • Aw how could you say he isn’t adorable? He isn’t my cat he is my next door neighbours. He was not meant to be an indoor cat but he literally just went to live in other peoples houses including mine, I would go upstairs and find him asleep on my bed if I left my back door open. I have also tripped over him in the garden more than once whilst trying to put the washing out, he loves people a bit too much ha. He really is adorable, but I guess you would have to know him personally to see that. 🙂

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