WPC 3 – Between me and my window… Is him.


So, this was taken from my sofa directly through the window just today and here is the story. I have seagulls nesting on my roof who have a very fluffy super cute chick. Soon enough though when cute chick gets bigger it will without doubt become big clumsy chick without the ability of flight for the longest time. The big clumsy chick will try to navigate the roof and it is a given that it will fall off and land with a thump into our garden, rendering it a place we will not be able to visit without being attacked quite aggressively by Mr and Mrs Seagull. Summer ruined, no more air dried washing.

At the moment this chap or chapess (I honestly do not know how to gender a seagull but I just see him as a he) comes down and taps with his beak on my lounge window and when I look up he quite literally gives me the beady eye. This happens every day, sometimes twice. I am not sure if it is a warning or just his way of reminding me to fill up my bird feeders whilst I can still actually get into the garden without being pecked to my very almost death.

So, I guess this is between him and my window and between me being able to enjoy my back garden for the foreseeable future. I may not yet master my bee shots. (That is my excuse anyway.)


22 thoughts on “WPC 3 – Between me and my window… Is him.

  1. Hahahahaha – oh sorry for laughing… but better you than me! 😀 Best of luck not getting pecked to death by Mr & Mr Seagull.

    That’s an awesome picture… you don’t wanna mess with that guy.

    • Oh we have the same problem, they are lovely though albeit it very noisy. Once they have had food once they don’t stop coming back. 🙂

  2. You can always toss bread onto the roof (other side) then while the lure is working, dash out and do your thing—? Lovely shot, sharp, clear Spouse and I used to feed gulls by hand at the beach, it’s amazing how close they’ll come for a chip; but the camera scared them so I could never get an action shot of my fingers being pecked (short-sighted varmints).

    • They will eat out of your hand, as you said especially for a chip. They are great catchers as well, I threw him some bread tonight and he caught every piece. Seeing as he comes everyday I may as well give him a treat although I think I may have made a rod for my own back. 🙂

  3. That is impressive you took that shot through your window, probably hypnotise the bird it seems it´s posing. That was some cool shot, plus I don´t know why black and white…..I just like it more, not that I don´t like colour, but black-white has something to it I can´t explain. Maybe you can tell me.

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