WPC – Between flowers


I love this weeks challenge because I absolutely love the blog that has inspired it which is Broken Light Collective a truly beautiful blog full of amazing images taken by people who have used photography to work with and overcome struggles of the mind.

There have been times since I have followed this blog that the stories and photographs have resonated with me so clearly and with so much clarity, so this is a very special challenge for me. It has at times brought me to tears yet at the same time has taught me personally that without raw emotion I would not have one single photograph that means anything to me because I always try to photograph from my heart.

I decided a little while ago I was going to try and fill these challenges with new photographs. So this photograph is one from just today in the garden that I thought worked quite well. I failed to get the actual shot I wanted because Mr Bee was not in focus in the way I wanted. I wanted the movement in his wings but more focus in his body. It is proving quite the difficult shot to nail. However I still quite like it for all its flaws. This shot regardless of the fact that it wasn’t the shot I wanted taught me how badly off my settings were for this kind of shot and made me go away and think about what I need to change to get the shot that I initially wanted. (Which I haven’t as yet.)

Nobody ever always gets it right. It is essential in life to make mistakes because without them there can be no growth.


For more amazing photographs on this subject click here


12 thoughts on “WPC – Between flowers

    • Thank you very much Jane. I am quite a private soul but the broken collective blog is such a wonderful blog and tells such a powerful story I urge everyone to follow it. 🙂

  1. I’m glad you posted this “gettaway” shot—it gave me a wide smile! It also makes me want to look again at my own collection of “Blur Bees”!

    • Ah there were many, many gettaway shots ha! Despite the fact they appear to bumble away banging into things they are surprisingly fast on those flowers. 🙂

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