It’s been sunny..

For a whole week! Seriously a whole week of sun. Is this the North of England? I decided that the flowers in the garden where I work absolutely needed at least half an hour of watering  today (best do it now before they put a hosepipe ban in place.) Nothing to do with the fact I had my camera with me or it was just too warm to be sat in my office honest.

I also have a sea view from work where I can see the remains from a very old and interesting shipwreck, so if this lovely weather continues and there is some nice light I will get some views from my window during the week. That’s if the rain doesn’t head in. In the meantime I did like that I could get three stages of flowering into this one photograph and was helped by lovely sunshine making the colours very pretty.


7 thoughts on “It’s been sunny..

  1. We have been blessed with lovely weather here in the North of England! Oh, shipwreck photos please Jo!
    Jane x

    • I have had to keep pinching myself, sunshine that has gone on for more than two days in a row! Well, the shipwreck. It is the wooden bones of a shipwreck from 1894. Apparently it mistook Blackpool Tower (which had only recently been built) for a lighthouse.
      I can see it from upstairs when the tide is out. I really need to get down there and get some decent shots of it.

    • Thank you 🙂 It was a bit too cloudy today and looks like the sunshine won’t be back for a few days so soon hopefully. It is just wood sticking out of the sand, but you can see the shape and once you know the story it seems amazing it is still there after all this time.

    • Thank you Argus. Hopefully when the sun comes back out I will get some for you. I do have some in my back catalog but I am dreadful with organisation and once I have photographed something I tend to just pick the ones I like and then move on. I really ought to organise everything but I dread how long that would take me.

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