WPC 2 – Had a lovely summer trip to the Zoo…

Which we all loved. So.. Summer Lovin??… I am trying to only use new shots for these challenges where I possibly can, so here are a few of the shots from today. I thought I would pop them in a gallery for a change.

I hope you enjoy them, particularly my favorite the ugliest yet happiest pig I have ever seen in my life.

Please click on the first photograph to view the gallery.

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11 thoughts on “WPC 2 – Had a lovely summer trip to the Zoo…

  1. Really lovely pictures.
    I also went to the zoo today – but it was too hot and most of the animals were cowering in the back of their stables and cages in the shade and I could hardly take any pictures.
    But you seem to have been quite successful.

    • It was really hot here too. I love getting the monkeys but they were all tucked up inside,so hardly any shots of them. The giraffes were challenging to shoot because they were asleep and not changing position at all. I was lucky with the ones I got though as the afternoon wore on they were all disappearing. I will try again early Autumn I think. .

      • But you had at least some luck. Over here only the seals were alive – but everyone was standing at that cage and you couldn’t really take pictures. So all I took were some flowers 🙂

      • I would have been gutted because photographs or not it is not cheap getting into the zoo these days either.

    • Aw thank you. It is one of my favorite words, it is kind of I guess ‘Dipsy?’ in America? I like it, I always see Numpty as innocently bumbling through life 🙂

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