WPC – Texture. The Red Arrows and Wing Walking.

Well, luckily storm Bertha didn’t hit us until the afternoon so todays air show went ahead as planned. We only stayed for the Red Arrows and Wing Walkers as they were on first so I was lucky enough to get some shots that fit into this weeks challenge because I just love the texture of the smoke. So here are a selection of photographs from the show. I wasn’t really in the right position for some of the tricks so I decided to try to just go for detail instead and they did what they call a ‘Flat show’ due to the ever changing weather, poor visibility and I am guessing low cloud so we were very lucky to see them at all.

DSC_0014S DSC_0018S DSC_0089S DSC_0100s DSC_0124S DSC_0132S DSC_0136S DSC_0141S DSC_0157S

More texture contributions here

31 thoughts on “WPC – Texture. The Red Arrows and Wing Walking.

    • Thank you very much. To be honest they could have been better. Rubbish bland light for colour photographs and lots of noise but you know what, airshows are just scary and magical all at the same time and the Red Arrows are just amazing so even though I am not ecstatic about these they are going up all the same. 🙂

    • Thank you. My daughter said she would love that job and I know that she actually would do it. I was slightly shaky just watching them.

  1. Some terrific shots~!

    I imagine that by law these days the wing-walkers have to be all tied up and nailed down … in the early days they did it freehand. ‘Twas ever thus. (And it is not as easy as it looks~!)

    • Nailed down haha! I am honestly shocked that they allow it in this day and age of safety gone mad. If they are all trussed up and the plane is heading to the sea I imagine they would want to get out much faster than they probably could. I agree, much scarier in the olden days but honest to god, I cannot even go on a roller coaster so seeing them up there made my tummy lurch.

  2. I have yet to attend an air show for the (maybe) weird reason that there might be an accident and I’d end up taking photos of a tragedy rather than a fun day! But your shots are excellent- even if you complain about the weather not cooperating. You’ve got some great images here!

    • Thank you I love them and shoot them with a massive sense of trepidation as I am so afraid of heights. So much respect for what they do.

    • Thank you and better luck next time. Fast shutter and either panning the camera with them or waiting in the open space that they are heading towards is the best way to catch them. 🙂

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