WPC – Fray

Frayed edges.

Man on the path

WPC – Fray


27 thoughts on “WPC – Fray

    • Thank you Rabruis. This one from Autumn in one of my favorite places near the woods. I think this one came to me because it is heading into that time of year again soon and it was a good reminder that I need to go back here a year or so on.

    • Thank you Allen. I had forgotten about this one and I love how these challenges make me look back sometimes to find a shot and remind me of that time and that place. I will go back here now as soon as Autumn starts to draw in because it is a lovely place to wander and find opportunities in the changing seasons.

      • It is actually what we who live nearby refer to as either ‘Millionaires row’ or ‘The Towers.’ It is a private road that leads to a very small public woodland area. It is tucked away down this road that full of huge houses on either side and the road is shrouded by trees. In summer it is lovely for flowers and butterflies but in Autumn and Winter it comes into its own. Is full of wonderful light and mists. The woods are to the left and I have lots of atmospheric shots here. I didn’t visit this place last year for a few reasons but I fully intend to get back there this year with my camera.

    • It is indeed Argus. I’m glad you like it, early days in my photographic journey and you have to always at some point go back to that time and start again. I know this will not get lots of likes but for me it is one of my favorite shots.

    • Thank you, gosh you and a lot of people have shared this journey with me on here for a few years now. I am always humbled by that. I wish I had more time to read and interact with blogs more and I wish my reader was not quite so rubbish so I could reciprocate more with the people I follow on here. Sometimes I feel very one way street but such is my life here x

  1. All of your photos are amazing. Wish WordPress was set up so I could comment on each without zigzagging between your scroll and the individual posting to comment. The picture of the cat and seagull is so intriguing. I’d love to hear the story of it. I take it the girl is your daughter? What a wonderful subject. Judy

    • I do have the Seagull story in there somewhere but yes you have to scroll through so much to find it. I am trying new themes just now until I find the one that I like. She is my daughter x

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