Weekly Photo Challenge – Humanities


I couldn’t find anything that fit the theme this week so I opted to go for the word humanities instead. My home town of Blackpool has such a bad reputation it has almost become a caricature of itself.  At first viewing if you did not live here would you know I had taken this in Blackpool town center?

There is another side to this town which is a far cry from the kiss me quick hats of old that has long since bred the drunken stag and hens, lipstick police TV shows and lovers of hot tubs which we appear to be more widely known for.

That exists and you know what, it always might be known for that but this town is also brimming to bursting point with culture, art and talent that is only just now bubbling to the surface.

Humanities – Learning concerned with human culture, especially literature, history, art, music, and philosophy.

Trust me, scratch the surface.


11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Humanities

    • Parallel to the main strip Ali, if you go to the very end, turn left and left again it is where all the bars are. There is also a mini light show there, very pretty.

      • LOL
        Perspective is so important. We usually come in from Lytham on Clifton Drive, so left at the end of the strip would put us in the ocean.

        I’ll swing by the parallel road next time we visit and see if my eye can catch what yours did so beautifully.

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