Weekly photo challenge 2 – My dreamy moon

I have spent the best part of two weeks outside at gone ten with my camera and tripod trying to capture a half decent shot of the moon. Many, many different settings have been tried as low light photography is not my forte and last night and tonight I finally captured two shots that are quite different from each other that I was a bitΒ happy with although I still knowΒ they could be improved.

To me the moon is dreamy, beautiful and amazing and it is wholly responsible for me having to now save up for a super dooper zoomy zoom lens so I can do away with any cropping.


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32 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge 2 – My dreamy moon

  1. I find moon photography completely counter intuitive, because it is a bright cold light against a dark background. I’m still experimenting but I have got as far as dialling the ISO down as low as possible and going for really high shutter speeds and as much DoF as possible. Even on a tripod I use the 2 sec delay because at the distance of the moon the faintest tremor gets amplified – then the results are rubbish so I mess around in lightroom to fix it all πŸ™‚

    • I totally agree. I used a delay and had to mess about so much with the settings as there was the brightest street lamp just to the side of me. It has also taught me that a cheap tripod is a huge mistake. I am hungry to get to the countryside with no light pollution now.

  2. Well done, you~!

    I take my moonshots from a tripod at home but the light pollution here is substantial. So I cheat and let the camera go auto and do its own thing, and I just keep on taking and taking. Rabbit through later and do an awesome amount of ditching …

    Your lower shot above is more in keeping with ‘dreamy’ but the upper is how moons really should be, good catch!

    • Thank you Argus. I agree the second one is more dreamy but I was so excited that I actually managed to get the first shot and was quite happy with it so I had to post it ha. I think I have to carry on now and get different phases. I can only get these shots from my front garden so it is entirely possible that my neighbors think I am trying to spy into their houses.

      • So long as you’re open about it I don’t think they’d care too much.
        You might be able to make a sort of a ‘lens hood’ arrangement with an old black blanket or towel, to shield a bit from sideways light? Good luck …

      • Ha, I now have visions of looking like an 18th century photographer. I think my neighbours think I am odd enough stood in my garden looking like I am taking photographs of their houses haha.

      • To shield the lens from stray light … I dunno, though, it might make them give you a bit more leeway if they think you’re a bit crackers … πŸ™‚

    • Thank you πŸ™‚ I have been at it for a few weeks now as well before I got to this one. I was on 300 zoom, I stopped down as far as I could (I think about f/5.6), exposure was /1/250 ISO 200, manual focus. It still could be sharper but my tripod is a bit rubbish, I need to invest in a better one. Of course I also want a much better zoom lens now but that is going to have to wait a while.

  3. These are amazing shots! I especially love the last picture. The moon looks so ’round’ in way I have not noticed in other pictures – more like 2D than 3D. Brilliant πŸ™‚

    I am a bit of a lunatic too. I love taking pictures of the moon but it’s hard to get it ‘just right’. I end up taking about twenty on different settings and only being happy with a few!



  4. Can I ask what lens you used for the first photo? I’m currently looking for a tele lens. I was wondering fi you could give me some advice.

    • Hi yes of course. It is a Sigma 70-300 lens on my trustee old Nikon D3000 body. I have had to do some heavy cropping on the photo and have only recently started trying to do some moon shots. Ideally I need a much better zoom lens but that will have to wait for now. πŸ™‚

      • Thanks alot! I just checked it on ebay and it’s super affordable too! I’m really thinking about buying one now!

      • Yes they are, that’s why I got that one to start off with they are great little lenses as well. I certainly cannot afford 700/2000 pounds for a lens. I do use this lens a lot. I also have a 18-270 Tamron which I enjoy using but it doesn’t do well with higher zoom, it get’s a little bit too soft in my opinion.

  5. I love the second one, it is so beautiful and definitely dreamy. I’m still trying to learn how to capture the moon in all it’s essence!

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