Murmuration of Starlings – Dreamy 4

This month my blog is three years old and I have just gone past 1000 followers. I never dreamt when I started this blog that I would get 10 followers never mind past the hundreds. I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone (and I am sure it is actually nowhere near a thousand) who takes the time to take a look and leave the odd comment here. It really does mean the world to me. Once again thank you all so much.

So, I thought I would share two of my favorite photographs taken around this time of year with you again. Every Autumn the starlings roost under North Pier and we are treated to a spectacular acrobatic display every evening at sunset until they swoop underneath the pier for the evening. It really is astonishing and exquisite to watch, it never fails to take my breath away. Towards the end of this month when the number of birds have increased a little more I will be back down there to see if I can get some more photographs. I am hoping to get more of the ink spot shadows and shapes that they create so watch this space.

murmuration of starlings

murmuration of starlings

starlings 2

The violets explode inside me
When I meet your eyes
Then I’m spinning and I’m diving
Like a cloud of starlings

Darling is this love?

Elbow – Starlings

24 thoughts on “Murmuration of Starlings – Dreamy 4

  1. Sure beats ‘a murder of crows’ … great shots; and I really envy you the flocks.

    We don’t get such flocks down here, the starlings just live effectively flock-free lives and spend much of their time penetrating home defences to nest under cover. Persistent little buggers … I saved one’s life once, I think I posted on it somewhere—and we presently have a resident pair (where? brrr) who every morning strut our front lawn. I just hope it’s bugs they’re getting and not our worms …

    • The thing about them is that they seem so bland don’t they when you see them far off however see them up close and their plumage is quite beautiful, almost a hidden glory. Then when you see them in flight. it is another thing all together. I guarantee where you live they will roost somewhere. You really need to find out where. Watching them in flight is ethereal. As for crows. I love them, they are very intelligent little buggers.

    • It is indeed and so hard to photograph because to capture the essence of what is actually going on it almost impossible. I think it is an absolute you have to see it with your own eyes x

      • There are some moments when I just feel so disappointed that what I convey through a photo barely touches what I saw, so yes, I totally agree with this! But I think your photos are wonderful and come a very close second to the real thing! Will keep my fingers crossed that you get some more photo opportunities over the coming weeks… :o)

    • Thank you Northumbrian light because I am always humbled that such great photographers and bloggers such as yourself have been with me for this long. x

    • I am honestly not sure, I have been sticking mainly to weekly photo challenges for some time now with the very odd extra here and there. I am a die hard poster these days. 🙂

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