Weekly Photo Challenge – Refraction

Three from the archives that I hope will fit the theme but I think that if the light is right I will try to also grab some new ones during the week for this challenge.





Weekly Photo Challenge – Refraction

55 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Refraction

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  2. I have the feeling I’m going to find these hard to meet. Bugger, I had a schlogg of sea foam on the beach … never mind, Plan B, then. Don’t wait up … 🙂

    • Thank you, I wanted that picture to portray childhood innocence, happiness, bad things that can happen and sadness all at the same time. I took this when I felt really uneasy about things that were happening in the world, particularly to innocent children. I honestly don’t want to sound arty farty about it but that is how this shot came about. I was actually really happy with it because it got my emotion onto a moment and my son was wonderful.

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