Weekly Photo Challenge – Cover Art

What is it this cover to? I have no idea. I haven’t written it yet. Maybe something mysterious or a horror story. What do you think?

The big wheel

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25 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Cover Art

    • We get lots of low cloud here, especially early autumn on fine days so shooting towards the sun is great for dramatic shots. Thank you for taking time to view and comment. 🙂

    • I am sometimes ok behind the camera but I will leave the writing to the writers, I honestly don’t have that talent, I wish I did. Oh maybe some writers on here could use my photo’s in their work. I would love that. 🙂

    • I may have to run and hide because I have been asked that question before and the person was beyond aghast with me when the answer was no and I still haven’t seen it. I think for the sake of art I need to put that right and watch it soon. 🙂

  1. OK, I’m going from memory here so excuse me if I’m wrong, but there is a book called Something Wicked This Way Comes written by Ray Bradbury. I think it concerns a carnival or circus and two young boys. This would be a great cover to that book if I am correct.

    • Ohh I will have to google this and find the book. This challenge is ending up being really interesting with the suggestions. I will look that up now.

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