Weekly Photo Challenge 3 – Cover Art. The Birds

Perhaps I could do a new version of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds and set it in a seaside town?


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29 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge 3 – Cover Art. The Birds

    • Thank you, I look forward to this all year. It only takes a slight cover of grey cloud and it is impossible to photograph them. This was a beautifully clear early evening.

    • Ha Steve I know but even so I cannot deny I do wish that the pier was open when it was happening I would give anything to be right there shooting upwards during this.

  1. You want to set Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds in a seaside town? It was set in Bodega Bay CA! Love the shot. I would have enjoyed seeing it from below, as you say you would have liked to have shot it! 🙂

    • Ahh I stand corrected, I don’t know where that is and I have long since forgotten as much detail as possible as I watched it once and never again because it utterly terrified me. I still love birds though. 🙂

      • I’ve seen it several times because I had a crush on Tippi Hedren so forgive me for correcting you. But no correcting that image. It is spooky and scary and beautiful, all at once.

      • Thank you. I should really watch it again, I wonder if it would still have the same effect on me (and now I want to see your crush also.) 🙂

      • Funny, I always liked blonds and ended up marrying a brunette. I asked my wife if she’d wear a blond wig from time to time but she just laughed at me! 😦

      • Ha, you were very lucky just to get laughed at, she must know you well and love you even more xx You have made my night.

  2. Personally, when I saw the title “The Birds”, I couldn’t but think of Elbow and their song of the same title…

    “The birds are the keepers of our secret as they saw us where we lay
    In the deepest grass of springtime in a reckless guilty haze
    And they wove a sweet indifference and it settled on our skin
    Till the eyes that I remembered for the last time drew me in

    The birds
    Though I wore you glacial patience to a smudge of bitter dust
    On the last day you embraced me with a glistening sapling trust
    Did they sing a million blessings as they watched us slowly part
    Do they keep those final kisses in their tiny racing hearts

    What are we gonna do with you
    Same tale every time
    What are we gonna do with you
    Come on inside
    Looking back is for the birds”

    • Oh but that Guy Garvey can’t half write the perfect lyric eh. It is a very beautiful song indeed. Maybe this pic could be the cover that song instead. 🙂

      • You embarrass me, madam, with your generous words. I thank you. And if compliments are being bestowed, your camera lens does only half the job of painting such eloquent pictures… Your photographers eye spots the beauty and wonder in every image you capture. You have an extraordinary talent.

    • I was lucky as the conditions were just so. If it is too windy or grey you simply don’t get that many birds as they tend to just head straight under the pier. It is hit and miss. 🙂

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