Photo 101 – Mystery

I have chosen another of my Starlings over North Pier shots for this challenge. I have about fifty photographs from this evening and have processed only four of them so I thought I would showcase this new one. It is still somewhat of a mystery as to why Starlings murmerate. There are different theories, one is that they do it to stay safe whilst roosting making it harder for prey to get to them. Another is that they are increasing heat levels prior to roosting to keep warm for the evening.

The huge gatherings are at their largest in winter, as they are boosted by thousands of migrant birds visiting from Europe for Britain’s milder Atlantic climate. If you are lucky enough to see this wonderful sight you would be forgiven for thinking that there must be an abundance of these birds. However the starling population has crashed by over 70% in recent years, meaning they are now on the critical list of UK birds most at risk.

Now is the time to see them in the UK so if you have a roost site near you I would urge you to go and watch at sunset, it really is spectacular. This photograph was taken at North Pier in Blackpool, North of England.


25 thoughts on “Photo 101 – Mystery

  1. The colors are gorgeous! I love seeing the sun in the background and the starlings all around….it’s beautiful! How long were you out there waiting for this perfect shot? I find my impatience gets in the way of finding the perfect shot sometimes although I think I could sit and watch this view for hours and love watching the changing sky.

  2. Our starlings never seem to shoal. They just don’t flock—if they do then I’ve never seen it happen. Envy you your wildlife, very much. Nice shot, everything in the right place …

    • I wonder why? Where about’s are you? Perhaps they migrate. Here is a little known fact about Starlings, did you know that they can talk? People keep them as pets and they can mimic human speech and noises. Cool eh.

      • New Zealand, Ma’am. South of us be only pengoons and the odd rock …

        I knew mynahs could talk, but not starlings. Live and learn.
        I saved a starling’s life once under the weirdest unbelievable circumstances—I think I blogged it, somewhere.
        Must check (and there goes Sunday …) 🙂

      • Oh give me a link when you find it. You should have kept it and taught it to speak. I only found out that they could talk today as I was googling them. I was very surprised. There are videos on Youtube.

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